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My story:

I was born in Poland, where I spent all my childhood and graduated with high school diploma.

Since I was a little girl I always loved to be creative. As a little girl I could be in my room  all day long making clothes and pretty things for my dolls. As I grew up, dolls were exchanged to humans. I started making clothes for myself and my family and friends. I found many passions like crocheting, sewing, drawing… and I love to combine them together for the jewellery and clothes I make.

About two years ago I stumbled onto handmade jewellery made out of beads. I had the idea that I would love to try to create such jewellery…and so I’ve started. It took me some time to find out the right materials (beads, fabrics and tools) and it was not that easy.

My first items were crooked and from low quality materials, as on that time I didn’t know yet, what type of beads I should use or which thread is the best… During that time I joined groups and attended courses, where I could deepen my knowledge and skills about beading. This helped me finding better materials, which I am using currently in my projects, while still looking out for other new materials.


I am a designer of handmade beaded jewellery, because I love to create unique pieces of jewellery.

One of my guiding quotes is:

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – A.Einstein

This is me

And my journey is ongoing!

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