Can I order customised item in your shop?

Yes, you can. Please contact me via contact form to discuss what item would you like to have customised.

How long does it take for my customised order to be shipped to me?

It depends on the item. Smaller pieces of jewellery like earrings may take day or two, however larger item like necklace will take much longer.

I received my item but I’ve changed my mind. Can I return it?

Yes, by the EU law you have 14 days to cancel and return your item however there are some exceptions.

You cannot return item which was  made to order or clearly personalised.

The “cooling off” period expires after 14 days of receiving your item.

You must inform me as soon as possible about change of your mind and send the unused item within 14 days. The return of the item is on the buyer’s cost.